What Are The Best Gadgets In The World?

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home with the best gadgets in the world, then look no further than Google. The search giant just announced the Google Gadget Awards. And this is your chance to vote for your favorite gadgets from the Google Mobile Developer Blog, or the Google Play Store.

What Are The Best Gadgets In The World?
What Are The Best Gadgets In The World?

The Google Blog states that it is not yet a contest. A group of coders is working on making this gadget award a real one by analyzing and voting gadgets. They will be displaying the best gadgets on the official website at g.me/gadget awards. Additionally, Google has already shown off some of the gadgets.

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Google Home

One of the gadgets Google has showcased is the Google Home, which is a universal speaker with Google Assistant built-in. It has a speakerphone and a microphone built-in for hands-free voice control. The user can ask for the weather or if there’s a doctor in the house, for example.

Google Kiosk

Another exciting Google gadget is Google Kiosk, which lets people shop from their mobile phones. Once the person is inside the store, he or she can order items from the mobile phone. Items can also be added to the Kiosk’s mobile phone dock.

There are some more gadgets in the Google Play Store for the voting period to end. These include a Google Fit watch, Google Home, and an Asus T101 laptop. The Chromebook and the Google Chromebook Pixel are also being listed.

Google Developer Blog

In addition, the folks over at the Google Developer Blog have listed some of the best gadgets they’ve seen. They have placed them in 3 categories, the “General Smartphone Gadget”, “Smartphone Companion Gadget”, and “Other Gadget”.


First up is the Laptop, which is a cool gaming machine. It has a keyboard that looks like a game controller and runs Linux. The display is also high resolution and is capable of reproducing full-color images.


The Next Smartphone Companion Gadget is calling the Yuuna; a product made for creating, editing, and sharing music. Users can also capture and record audio in the camera. Yuuna is one of the most popular Android accessories available.


The Last Smartphone Companion Gadget is called the Band,” a stylish Bluetooth headset that can transmit calls and texts. It has a battery life of up to 10 hours and is water-resistant. It can also connect to Bluetooth devices.

What Are The Best Gadgets In The World?
What Are The Best Gadgets In The World?


While it’s true that Google and Apple are locked in a legal battle, many people are saying they’d rather go with Google. These people are saying it’s easier to use the Android OS, plus you get all the important features of a smartphone, such as SMS, email, games, and more.


Do not underestimate the power of the internet, especially when it comes to shopping for a smartphone and gadgets. You don’t want to be left in the dark as to what is happening in the world. Use the Internet to check what’s hot and what’s not.


Spend your money on something you want and not on the shiny things that look good, but that may not last long. Always remember, the less you buy, the more you get.

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