Use of Technology in Early Childhood Education – Pros and Cons

Using Technology

Technology is everywhere today and it’s an integral part of our life now.

We’re dependent on technology for our communication needs, our work, and of course, entertainment.

And as children are now exposed to the technology even in their early childhood, preschool teachers are using this opportunity and use technology as a medium to interact, educate, and giving the right lessons to the kids.

But is using technology as a part of early childhood education totally harmless for your child’s development?

Does technology has an adverse effect on children?

What are the pros and cons of using technology in early childhood education and do the cons outweigh its pros?

It’s really important questions parents asking and that has a good reason as recent study proved that too much screentime is actually delaying child development.

So what’s the right way to use technology in early childhood education?

To understand that, We have to go through the pros and cons of using technology in early education among children.

Using Technology in Early Childhood Education

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Although there are so many advantages of using technology in early childhood education, it can also be bad for your child’s development.

And to take the right step, let’s see some effects of using technology.

Pros of Using Technology in Early Education

Technology can help the child in a lot of ways and help develop a child’s cognitive skills faster.

So let’s explore some ways technology is helping your kid.

It can help your kids learn more new things in different interesting and fun ways. It makes learning interesting. For example, children can learn the basics of mathematics using playful and interactive applications that will make learning fun.

Technology can help children and teachers co-operate in a creative way. If used in the right way, it can help teachers to teach important lessons easily in a more digestible way.

Your child can read many books and learn a lot using a tablet.

Cons of Using Technology in Early Education

Technology, if used in the right way, can help in your child’s development. But It also has some negative effects you should be aware of.

Let’s look at some cons of using technology in early childhood education.

Technology can so addictive that your child can get totally immersed in it for a long time. And for that, your kid may spend less time socializing with other kids. This can delay your child’s social and emotional skill development.

Because kids tend to spend less time socializing, they also tend to have fewer friends.

If your child is consuming too much content using different devices, then the blue light of the screen can mess with your child’s sleep with is definitely bad for her overall development.

In the End…

A person holding a cell phone

Technology plays a big role in our lives and now it’s helping teachers to teach children more effectively.

But like every other thing, technology also has its own pros and cons.

Although it can make learning fun and easy for your child, it can also mess with her social life and sleep that are bad for her development.

But if we use technology with proper rules, a little restriction, and a lot of care, then it can help immensely in early childhood education.

PS: How are you planning to use technology in your child’s early years?

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