Top 10 Geeky Gifts For The Gamers

Here is the top 10 list of the geeky gifts which any and every gamer would absolutely love –

The Top List of Geeky Gifts

  • Mini arcade machine – Remember playing PAC man during your childhood. Guess what; these mini arcade machines would help your geeky gamer to relive their childhood. They don’t come heavy on your pocket too.
  • Solid State Drive – This geeky gaming gift is for someone who is in a dire need for increasing the memory then SSD is the way to go. Games are getting bigger, and the current consoles can’t keep up. Hence, this is one great geeky gifts for someone who would want to play big games smoothly. Compared to hard drives, SSD is a better option as they are flash drives.
  • Playstation VR pack- The PS VR system has been the most affordable VR system in the market for a while now. VR is a great experience in itself, and with those amazing gaming graphics, it becomes amazing to play games wearing a VR headset.
  • Pixel pals – Pixel pals are pixel-art figures of some of the game’s greatest characters, and the best part is they light up. You can get classics like Mario, Mega man or superheroes like Batman, the flash and the superman. What more can you ask for geeky gifts?
Top 10 Geeky Gifts for The Gamers
Top 10 Geeky Gifts for The Gamers

Here Is The Next Best

  • Gaming keyboard – For a geeky gamer, it is always nice to have a new keyboard from time to time. The Razer Blackwidow Elite keyboard is a gold standard amongst the gaming keyboards. It has features that will make the gaming experience truly smooth and memorable. The features include a mechanical switch, which increases gaming performance and is reliable. It is the fastest and gives the quickest response compared to competitors. They are dust and spill-resistant. It has media control keys like volume control keys which helps the gamer to have ease of access while playing. All of these features make Razor Blackwidow Elite keyboards a total favorite for any gamer.
  • Gaming Headphones – The most sought after geeky gifts for a gamer is an amazing set of headphones. One of the most interesting parts of any game is the pumping background score they have. HyperX Cloud Alpha Headphones is an amazing choice in this segment.
  • Xbox one elite Controller – This is the number one choice in the wireless controller for gamers. It is easily compatible with PC and Xbox. The most interesting feature is that the pedals of the controller are magnetic and can be attached/detached easily as per the feel of the gamer.
Top 10 Geeky Gifts for The Gamers
Top 10 Geeky Gifts for The Gamers

Last But Not The Least

  • Gaming Mouse–Which gamer doesn’t want a mouse with is very fast and smooth and has the keys on it to make the gaming experience wonderful. There is a lot of gaming mouse available in the market.
  • Portable wrist rest /Screen cleaner –This is a blessing for not just the gaming geeks but also in general. There is no need for a microfibre cloth or anything to get the job done. In fact, all you have to do is open up the bullet-like product and start rolling it on your screen, and it’ll take away all the grease. It’ll wipe away all the smudges very fast, so you don’t need a cleaning solution anymore.
  • Video game-themed board game – If you are into gifting the geeky gifts to a gamer, this might be a little out of box gift. There are numerous video game themed board games in the market like blood- Bome card, Dark souls, Civilization, etc.

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