The Best Smart Home Gadgets For 2020

Best Smart Home Gadgets For 2020

2020 has meant spending more time than ever in our homes and with all the extra hours in the house due to COVID-19, you might have realized that your home interior needs a tech update. You might have thought of making chores pleasant and manageable or fantasized about the comfort of having automated systems in the house. The best way to achieve this is by getting smart home gadgets.

These are a tip of the iceberg reasons to check out the following cool smart home gadgets. These smart home gadgets will not only make your home look fancy but will also help you conserve energy, space, and save time.

Smart Robot Floor Cleaners

Robot vacuums make cleaning much easier. They can clean floors when you are not around or when your boss needs that project report and you do not have time to clean the floor. 

These smart home gadgets are affordable and efficient little machines. They are quiet so you do not have to worry about noise when you are working from home or reading. Their slim design means they can access tight spaces and clean up well.

Smart Cooling And Air Purifying Fans

These smart gadgets are the best way to beat the heat which can be quite uncomfortable. They also remove airborne dust and pollen ensuring the air in the house is cool and clean. Hot days at home should no longer be a worry once you get one of these fans.

These fans are easy to move and do not use huge amounts of electricity. Having to spend almost the whole day in the house will not be bad with improved air circulation. You can also be assured of fewer occurrences of allergic attacks due to polluted air.

Smart Water Faucet

Best Smart Home Gadgets For 2020-Smart Faucet
Best Smart Home Gadgets For 2020

No need to touch, saves water, precise measurements, temperature control, and the list goes on and on. Smart faucets reduce the chances of the spread of infections in the house since you do not have to touch it. Put your hand under the tap and water comes out. Washing hands has never been simpler. This is one of the best smart home gadgets I have come across.

With voice command, you can get exact measurements of the water you need. No need to use cups and jugs. This is also a way to upgrade your kitchen. The faucets might be expensive to buy but in the long run, they lower the water bills. They are powered by batteries or electricity and easy to install.

3 in 1 Smart Home Wireless Charging Stations

Best Smart Home Gadgets For 2020- Wireless Chargers
Best Smart Home Gadgets For 2020

Working and studying from home means there are more people in the house, and we spend a lot of time on our devices. This means we need to save space and time. Get rid of spaces cluttered with messy wires by getting one of these 3 in 1 wireless charging stations.

The stations enable you to charge your phone, smartwatch, and EarPods all at the same time. They are available in the market at affordable prices and are safe to use. They are also small and easy to carry around. 

Smart Home Lighting

It minimizes energy consumption meaning lower electricity bills. Smart bulbs are remotely controlled, and this provides you with a level of comfort and convenience. These smart lights offer user-friendly apps and let you configure lighting effects. This is why they are a must-have smart home gadget.

You do not have to get out of bed to switch off the lights again just grab your phone and switch them off.


Home automation is not beyond your reach. These smart home gadgets are affordable and worthwhile. They save time and energy. Our homes advance with technology, and with the right smart home gadgets, life is simpler and less stressful.

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