Take Advantage Of Alexa Gadgets

Alexa Gadgets

Amazon has a big announcement coming up with Alexa Gadgets. Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, which is already one of the most popular conversational assistants on the market, will feature some pretty cool new products in the coming months.

Dancing Plush Toys

According to the retailer, the first products to use the Alexa Tools Toolkit will be dancing plush toys, a cute dancing fish, and a new singing-fish product called Big Mouth Billy Bass. Alexa fish is a cute little talking fish that can be played with by a child or a grown-up. He’s about four inches long and has about five thousand words of vocabulary.

Alexa Digital Assistant
Take Advantage Of Alexa Gadgets

Big Mouth Billy Bass

The second product, Amazon’s latest Big Mouth Billy Bass, is similar to Alexa Fish, except Big Mouth Billy Bass doesn’t talk. He dances to entertain kids. This product is expected to ship in November.

Remote Control: Alexa Gadgets

The third product, Amazon says, will feature Alexa Gadgets is a remote control for remote-controlled boats and jet skis. The Alexa Remote Control Kit features five different remote control kits. Each kit has several buttons, one for each remote control.

Alexa Tools Toolkit

According to Amazon, the fourth product will feature other things like a toy truck, a toy helicopter, and more. The products should all ship out in the future. No pricing was offered, but Amazon did offer some basic information on the Alexa Tools Toolkit.

Voice Recognition Software

The toolkit helps you build a voice command vocabulary from a small number of standard “say” phrases and then allows you to search for those phrases using the web, a variety of voice recognition software applications, or voice. A special feature lets you find specific phrases by name, or even by phrase and keyword. Say you’re looking for the word “jumping,” and Alexa will pull up several different searches in the toolkit.

Customize The Device: Alexa Gadgets

You can also customize the device. You can program the device to respond only to specific names or phrases. Moreover, you can change the default language from English to French, German, or Italian, for example. The toolkit also provides a tool that lets you change your user name.

Amazon Echo And Fire TV

The Alexa Toolkit can also be used in conjunction with several other devices, including the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Fire TV. There’s no release date yet on when the toolkit will become available in other countries.

Free Download: Alexa Gadgets

The software is currently available as a free download. To use it, you’ll need an internet connection, a USB microphone with an adapter, and the Software Development Kit installed on your computer. For an overview, you’ll find the software on the Amazon site and the installation instructions.

Interact With A Live Fish

The Alexa Fish software allows you to interact with a live fish in an aquarium, or ask Alexa about Big Mouth Billy Bass, among other things. You’ll also be able to adjust the volume and switch between the fish’s sounds, and the ambient noise that the fish makes, in the tank.

Amazon Cloud: Alexa Gadgets

You’ll also have the ability to send the device messages through the Amazon Cloud and listen to them. If you wish, you could make the device send you a text message, or e-mail an instant message. To a friend. Amazon’s website says Big Mouth Billy Bass will ship out soon, and you should order yours before Christmas.

Using Alexa Tools
Take Advantage Of Alexa Gadgets

Check On It Periodically

There are a couple of things that could cause the device to get lost. If the power goes out in your house, the device may not be able to send or receive data. So, if you decide to use this product in your home, it may be a good idea to check on it periodically to make sure everything is working properly.
The device is battery powered. It will last for up to thirty days on a full charge.

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