Smarthome Technology That Makes Sure The Tasks Are Efficient

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Home is the place where we live and keep our most valued treasures and our loved ones. But our homes are not safe from intruders, in developing countries as well as in developed countries too. Ensuring security for home has always been a major concern amongst us as we are always busy with our work life. And it is not always possible to keep an eye out for our home all the time that`s why home security gadgets come into play. There are a lot of gadgets and devices available in the market that can contribute to increasing the security of our homes. 

Smarthome Technology – A Zone Security Camera 

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Protecting the home is fundamental for any living being and with the zone security camera; one can make the home safer and be absolutely tension-free. This security camera has a wide field of view and also offers high-resolution images with HD 3 megapixels resolution. This camera offers high clarity while recording and supports up to 128 gigabytes as storage. 

Smarthome Technology – Sky bell doorbell

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Sky bell doorbell is a smart video doorbell that allows you to see, hear and speak to the visitor at the door in the day as well as night by using it whether one is at home, or at work, or anywhere. This doorbell offers high-resolution video with a 180-degree view and has clear night vision that is one can view visitors in full-color HD with light off. It also alerts when someone is in front of the door even without pressing the button. It is an ideal replacement for the wired doorbell.

Smarthome Technology – Couch bunker 

Imagine a comfortable custom-built couch that appears as a regular guest bed on the surface but hides an exciting secret underneath. it does not only serve as a seat cushion but it has a fire-rated gun safe hidden inside with a bulletproof cushion and carry straps enabling to use them as a shield when needed. The vault is handy and easy to access and stores up to 30 rifles and is available in a lightweight line and in a different configuration.

Smarthome Technology –  Wi-Fi smart lock

Leaving your door unlocked is a common problem amongst people. It is also the most common security threat for our home that’s why one should have the Wi-Fi smart lock pro. It is a unique door lock that ensures the door always stays locked featuring the door sense technology. It can sense whenever the door was physically opened or closed and notifies you via the mobile app.

Smart Home Technology – Monitoring Alarm

Protecting the home from noise complaints and intrudes by using the minute smart home monitoring alarm. This is a home gadget that tracks the house`s activity and keeps you aware all the time with its noise monitoring feature. It tracks the noise levels as well as smoke or co detector sounds without recording or listening in the home and whenever the noise levels go above the preset then it will give an instant notification on the smartphone.


There is no question modern-day home security is challenging to achieve. Hence, manufacturers continually raise the bar with spectacular gadgets that offer all kinds of defense against a wide range of threats. From devices that can capture images in ultra-low light conditions to those that ensure safety in case of fires, there are all kinds of home security gadgets out there to try.

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