Modern Tech Gadgets for Students

A camera on a table

Technology keeps evolving and new gadgets keep coming out almost faster than most of us can catch up with. As students, they’re very useful modern tech that enhances productivity and makes life and learning easier and  fun. Some of these gadgets include:


A laptop sitting on a table

 Nowadays, many classes are taken online. A laptop is therefore an essential weapon in any student’s armoury. It has so many other uses that it might actually be a bit difficult for a student to study and graduate successfully without so if I am to get only one tech gadget as a student, it will certainly be a laptop. Other important uses of a laptop by students include; it’s use in research as Microsoft Word and Google Doc has completely taken over from pen and paper. As most degrees include presentations as part of completion requirements, a laptop comes in very handy here. It could also be used to read ebooks, practice programing (for the tech students), watch tutorial videos, listen to music, watch movies,play video games, surf the net, which are all important to students. I suppose I’m right to consider it the king of gadgets for students.


The use of smartphones for both students and non-students cannot be overemphasized. From connecting with friends to reading ebooks, checking mails .  If any gadget is to contest the place of the most important gadget to students it will be the smartphone and it is certainly the most used gadget by students. It has been incorporated into almost every area of life of students. It is even more indispensable than the laptop. 


A noise cancelling headphones or earbuds is another valuable gadget a student got. Most parts of the  school environment is usually quite noisy and students are required to do a lot of studying, a noise cancelling headphone therefore be indispensable. Some students also prefer listening to music while studying so it plays the dual role of noise cancelling and allowing the student focus. And of course sometimes you just want to ‘plug in’ and relax.

 Alarm Clock

As students are expected to attend fixed classes and other events, an alarm clock could come in really handy as it helps the student go to these engagements in time. A light alarm clock can even simulate daylight and help the students wake up when traditional alarm clocks fail. 

Smart Watch 

 Smart watches are becoming more and more popular.  A smart watch could have so many uses including; setting alarms and reminders for tests, exams and other events, monitoring your sleep, checking your sms, receiving and of course, checking the time. It helps students keep to time for meetings and events. Another plus for a smart watch is that it could be a fashion piece too.


Camera? Yeah you got that right. A student could also find a camera as a great asset. Apart from the traditional role of keeping up pictures and recording of events. Most projects require taking high quality pictures so a good digital camera will really come in handy there.

This is not an exhaustive list. There are so many other modern tech gadgets out there that are useful to students such as scientific calculators, fitness tracker, power pack and others.

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