Introducing The LG’s Gizmo Gadget Watch

The LG’s Gizmo Gadget Watch With Some Cool Features

LG’s Gizmo Gadget is kid watch, which provides you secure and easy features to locate your kid. Not only this, but it also offers you simple two-way calling. It works with the help of the gizmo hub app, which allows seeing the exact location of your child. It has built-in a GPS for accuracy.

The LG’s Gizmo Gadget Watch With Some Cool Features
The LG’s Gizmo Gadget Watch With Some Cool Features

The Gizmo Gadget is a perfect device in case your kid is begging for a smartphone, and you do not want them to have a smartphone. Two big brands come together to give you the perfect gadget for your kids’ safety and entertainment. However, don’t compare this Gizmo Gadget watch with other smartwatches because it’s not. However, it’s also not a toy for your kid; it can make calls, you can locate your kid, and it also has some other features.

Technical Specifications For This Gizmo Gadget

It’s from a known called LG.

The screen size on this gadget is 1.3 inches.

It does not have a high-quality display, but still, it’s decent.

The battery capacity on this device is 510 MAH.

It has 480 MHz QSC6155 processor.

This LG gadget watch’s carrier is Verizon.

The watch has a durable design.

You can also replace the wristband on this watch gadget.

It also has customizable watch features.

The watch supports both android and ios.

It works with the help of an application called GizmoHub, which is free to download.

The dimensions of this watch are 1.93 inches (H), 1.49 inches (W) x 0.56 (D)

The stand by time on this Gizmo gadget watch is up to 8 days.

Key Features Of LG’s Gizmo Gadget Watch

Durable Design

The LG’s Gizmo Gadget Watch With Some Cool Features

LG’s Gizmo Gadget watch has a durable design. It’s around one inch in terms of thickness and weighs about 50 to 60 grams (1.8 ounces). However, it looks massive on a small wrist of your tech lover kid. The watch measures about two inches diagonally and it has a 1.3-inch touch display which looks small with buttons sitting below the screen. It’s waterproof and has a rubbery body but feels light. The charging port sits on the back and covered by a flap for protection. For charging it uses a micro-USB port.

Easy Setup Gizmo Gadget

The setup for this LG’s Gizmo Gadget watch is not hard to do. Moreover, you can say that it’s a simple process. You need to install the Gizmo Hub application it supports both android and IOS devices. Then you pair by plugging in your watch’s number. Add contacts, and other stuff, a 5 digit pin deliver via SMS, and you complete the setup process of the watch.

Simple Tracking And Monitoring

The Tracking and monitoring of this device are effortless. It has center and front on Gizmo Hub application has a map that points your kid’s location. However, remember it does not support real-time position. This watch gives you place alerts trigger notifications. When your kid is wearing Gizmo Gadget watch, it tells you the arriving and departure of your kid form designated location.

Communication Features

LG's Gadget watch for kids

On this device, you can save up to ten contacts using Gizmo Hub application. Making calls are simple on the gizmo watch. Your kid has to press the call button and tap the name of a contact, and it will connect. It also has some text messaging features. Overall it’s a friendly and safe device for your kid. 

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