Innovative Gadget News You Must Know


The tech market is ever-changing, and new products are coming out almost every hour of the day. It can be challenging to keep up with the latest gadget news with all these new gizmos flooding into town, and this article is here to help.

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Gadgets are the perfect presents, as there is something for everyone,  and even the price range is flexible. If you have an art lover in your life, there are so many art tools in the gadget world. Like there are safety gadgets for the adventurists, accessible setups for the gamers, and cool widgets for the techno-enthusiasts.

The new gadgets are convenient and serve the purposes of both functionality and beauty. Their slick minimalism is aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.  They can help make everyday chores easier, enable growth in hobbies, and even save lives when you are in a fix. There is very little that a gadget in the right setting cant does.

Here are a few of the latest gadget news for you to pick your favorite from-

Fingerprint Padlock, Benjilock By Hampton

It is easy to lose track of your keys, and it happens to nearly everyone. You can get the most adorable key chains and still misplace them exactly when you need it. The solution to the elusive key is this Benjilock by Hampton. This lock can be unlocked by pressing your finger against it. It looks like any other ordinary padlock but is far from it. Benjilock has built-in biometric technology and can store up to ten different fingerprints.

It is waterproof, and there are even backup keys, in case you want to lend it to someone.

Gadget News: Bluetooth Shower Mirror And Speaker By iLuv Creative Technology


Showering and listening to music are probably two of the most relaxing things to do. This gadget has combined both of these to give you a Bluetooth speaker which you can use to stream music in your shower. It is also attached to a fog-free mirror which allows you to shave or apply makeup with ease in the shower.

The speaker is resistant to the splashes of water in the shower and also its humidity. Its controller is sealed as well and can play music and let you answer calls too. This multi-functionality of the speaker earns it a place in the gadget news.

Trekz Titanium By Aftershokz-


Often, listening to music with earphones stuffed into your ear canals causes long term hearing problems. In the short term, it can be fatal if you are not paying attention to your surroundings. Aftershokz helps you out in this situation by letting you listen to music while being aware of the surrounding sounds. Its distinctive feature is that it uses ‘bone conducting technologies,’ due to which you do not have to cover your ears with earphones to listen to music.

The Aftershokz headphones are worn on the back of the head and are wireless Bluetooth enabled music systems. They let you listen to music by sending vibrations to your ear canals via your cheekbones. Through these headphones, you will be aware of the traffic on the street, of people talking to you, and never be caught off-guard. Because of all these, Aftershokz headphones are safe, practical, and functional.

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