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Home protection gadgets are a great way to ensure your home and family’s safety. Many burglars choose to strike when many people are home and many home security systems offer protection against this. Homeowners will usually have something of value to steal such as jewelry, cash or high-end electronics and an intruder will be looking for one or all of these.

Burglars tend to choose homes with an easy entry way. This could be through a window that is left open and a patio door left wide open or even a garage door left open. Most home protection gadgets offer a way to remotely control the locking system. Some of these devices include a telephone which enables the homeowner to arm or disarm the home security system. If the alarm is set off, the homeowner is immediately notified.

Many home protection gadgets are also linked to an answering machine. This allows the owner to hear a recorded message if an intruder makes an attempt to enter the home. Some systems provide their users with a pre-recorded message. The recorded message can be played straight from the answering machine or saved to the computer for listening later.

Another great home protection gadget is a smart doorbell. A smart doorbell can be connected to the homeowner’s cell phone or pager. If the doorbell is triggered, a text message will be sent to the homeowner by the smart phone. The text message usually contains a detailed description of the intruder and the police should be called right away.

Many homeowners are concerned about “ponytail” burglars. These are criminals who use secret tactics to get into homes. They usually use secret tunnels, porch pirates and mirror images to get into homes. Home security gadgets like smart locks and wireless alarms provide protection against these thieves.

A porch pirate is another name for a criminal who uses a fake wall to enter a home. Porch pirates are most common in the coastal areas of Florida and the Caribbean. Porch pirates can often be seen hanging around trees watching for intruders. These criminals can be identified by their distinctive clothing: they tend to wear dark pants and shirts, long socks and a white T-shirt. Most burglars will use a ladder to try to scale a wooden home security system’s outer wall.

Some home security systems feature a deadbolt lock on all entry doors. Deadbolts are a good idea in all areas of the house: for front doors, back doors and windows. However, some home owners prefer to use a deadbolt on only one door. A deadbolt is more difficult to pick open, so many burglars will avoid touching a deadbolt lock if possible. Some homeowners prefer to use a combination lock on all entry doors.

Bottom Line

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Home protection gadgets alarm systems are not the only option for homeowners looking to protect their homes from potential burglars. A well-built home security system combined with good home defense strategies can help to deter potential burglars. However, homeowners must be careful that they do not install an overly large system that is not easily maintained. They also need to make sure that they place their most valuable possessions in a safe location and hide their most prized possessions when the home alarm system is triggered. If an intruder is unable to find the valuables inside the home, then the burglar alarm will have failed.

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