Electronic Prank Gadgets- Prank Your Buddy Electronically

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You can play pranks with your friends and close people with the help of the below mentioned electronic prank gadgets

Electric Shock Pen

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It appears to be a high-end ballpoint pen that will stun your mates as they try to use it.

Allow your friends to use it, and when they press the button on the top of the pen, they will receive a brief and harmless electric shock that will cause them to scream and leap in surprise.

Transform it as if it were a regular pen.

Fake Shocking Phone

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• The toy is made of plastic and weighs 70 grams (very light) (no glass). It is  black in color, similar to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (Larger size: 6.5 inches). However, it is impossible to open it; it is just a surprising toy.

• This item is not appropriate for children under the age of 14, so please use it responsibly.

• Flashlight, White Lightning, and Shocking are the only three functions. They will drop it after startling somebody, and it may be broken.

Shocking Hardcover Chewing Gum

Make a funny joke and tell it to your mates. It’s fascinating. It is safe, but it is not appropriate for children. It resembles a typical bag of chewing gum. Give them some gum and watch as they get a mild shock. Will cause the goal to leap.

Bleepin’ Battery

It is ideal for pranking friends, neighbors, or family members, especially those with whom you do not share living quarters. Please turn on the screen and guide your friend to it. Or, to irritate your parents, switch it around from time to time.

Frickin’ Cricket

It is a great way to prank your friends, neighbors, coworkers, or partners, particularly if they’re afraid of insects. Please turn on the screen and guide your friend to it. Or, to irritate your coworker, switch it around from time to time.

The Ultimate PC Prank Master

It is a USB gadget that disables it in a variety of inconvenient ways when attached to any machine. It’s essentially the same as getting a nasty virus, so you can get the same effect by taking a standard USB drive to a public library machine and lending it to a friend.

The available “pranks” include jerking the cursor around, randomly turning caps lock on and off, and typing random snippets of text, basically recreating the feeling of being 14 again.

The TV Poltergeist is a tiny box that can be placed almost anywhere and will begin turning on and off a nearby television at regular intervals of five to twenty minutes for as long as the batteries last. According to reports, it even operates on DVD players and VCRs, but depending on how cluttered your living room is, you might potentially spend hundreds of dollars repairing “faulty” equipment before discovering it.


Cool devices as mentioned above could be used to play a variety of practical jokes on your close people without causing any physical harm.

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