Cool Tech Gifts For Kids That They Will Really Like

cool tech gadgets for kids

Cool tech gadgets for kids are all the rage across the world. Kids are fascinated by tech gadgets, which allow them to do and enjoy more of what kids do. There are many different types of cool tech gadgets for kids that have become the latest craze among children. One such item is the My Pillow Pets Cat Furniture Kit, which is sure to become a big hit with young children.

Innovative And Cutting Edge Product

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This kit is an innovative and cutting edge product. With the My Pillow Pets Cat Furniture Kit, your kitty can enjoy his or her very own cat condo, complete with a scratching post, food dish, and cat bed. The snap circuits in this kit allow your cat to stay warm and to purr when he or she wants. Just like the real thing, each piece of furniture comes in three pieces and is made of durable nylon material. With the included food dish, your little guy can eat just about anything that’s good for him.

Another cool tech gadget for kids is the My Pillow Pets Roostermobile, which is sure to be an exciting Christmas gift. This Roostermobile is an interactive stuffed animal that children can use to learn about basic coding and wireless internet. The My Pillow Pets Roostermobile is included with an interactive mobile phone application, which allows kids to learn new things about wireless internet. This interactive app has over 40 different sound effects and 30 different images to choose from.

Leapster Explorer

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Some other cool tech gifts for kids include the Leapster Explorer, which is a handheld GPS/thermometer hybrid that kids can use to keep track of their indoors and outdoors activity. It also includes a 3D camera and digital memory card, which allow kids to capture their activities on a cellular device. The Leapster Explorer also features a built-in alarm, so kids can stay safe during their long walks. Kids can upload photos of themselves on the DVR and use the camera to log in and see what they’ve been up to. The cost of this gadget is under $300, so it’s a great deal for any kid.

An interesting and totally cool tech gift for kids is the Vivofit HD Video Camera. This camera is a small handheld video camera that comes equipped with a 1.8-inch video screen. It features a built-in, rechargeable battery, a miniature USB flash drive, a micro-SD slot, a mini HDMI port, and an LED light, making it easy to use even when your kids are away from home.

The My Trimble Smartpen is a fun tech-giving pen that kids can use to take notes and draw on the spot. The coolest part about this pen is that it learns with your kids, according to their input, which helps it keep track of what it is your kids write. You simply use the pen to write the notes and then snap a picture of the written text on a special tab you can add on the tablet. The tab is removable and can be stored in your pocket or in your bag. This is one cool tech gifts for kids that not only teaches them something, but makes it fun.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a great tech-giving gift that your kid will enjoy as much as you will, consider giving them a wristwatch. The My Time Watch is a wrist watch that teens will absolutely love. It looks just like an actual watch and can be used to track time, keep a count of how many calories are burned, and how many minutes you’ve been walking, jogging, or doing other workouts. This fun little tech-gadget is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and social butterflies. If you’re looking for a great tech gift for kids this year, the My Trimble wrist watch is definitely a must have.

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