Bluetooth Door Lock Digital Fingerprint For Your Home And Office

When it comes to home security, we all have to be very careful. And to protect your home and restrict everyone enters your need to install advanced door lock. The Bluetooth door lock is a smart door locking system epically designed for your home security. This door locking system is different from some other locking system because it has a fingerprint. It is the best thing to have an advance fingerprint door locks to protect your place. It will not just allow you to roam conveniently but also offer extra security for your house. With this home door lock, you also get 31 user codes and RF-ID tags. It’s one of the most useful and secure doors locking system. In case you are looking for a home door locking system, then you must look for this once.

Bluetooth Door Lock Digital Fingerprint

This is a Bluetooth door locking system. And it’s a smart system with many security features. It is a digital door locking system that comes with an ergonomic premium push-pull design. The highlight of this door lock is its design. Its design will complement any modern home. And this door lock is very convent to use as well because it does not require a key to open it. The best part about this door lock is it keeps all the data.  And it keeps data for those who come at home and show on your phone. You can easily access the data on your smartphone. And it also has a one-time password which you can set for your guests. The design of this door lock is sleek and modern. And it will match with any inner or external door in the housing, apartment, or office construction.

Product Description

This is a smart door lock for your home.

You can mount it in any housing apartment, or office building.

It has four access methods to open your door: password, manual key, Bluetooth, and fingerprint.

With this locking system, you can keep records for your guests. 

The smart door lock will notify you if someone arrives.

You can program up to 31 user codes and RF-ID tags on this smart door.

The door lock has a smooth and contemporary plan.

The smart door lock thickness is 40-60 mm.

This door lock is durable and will give you multiple security features.

In its package, you will get Bluetooth smart door lock with two keys.

Door Lock Will Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

To secure a home is every home owner’s top priority. And for security, we do many things, but now you only need to install this smart door lock system. With this lock system, your home is entirely safe from people with bad interest. And the best part of this device is it has an anti-hacking feature. Overall this is a smart door locking system for your home.

Multiple Entry Methods

One of the best features of this smart door lock is it has four different entry methods. All the methods are safe and secure to use. It has a fingerprint, password, Bluetooth, and the manual key to open the door.

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