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You love cool gadgets, right? Of course you do, that’s why you’re here. Or maybe you’re looking for a gift idea for a loved one who does. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of all the most exciting new tech that you’re sure to love.

Grado SR80x headphones

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We love the build and design of Grado’s headphones. They sound warm, lively and full of bass, while looking both retro and minimal. They’ve recently updated their award-winning range and our pick of the lot is the SR80x.

They’re open-backed, which means the audio will bleed out a little, so you may not want to take these on the train. But it does make them lighter and more comfortable to use at home for long periods and it’ll make the audio sound roomier than a closed-back pair. The new headphones have upgraded drivers too, improving the bass and mid-range. Certainly one of the best sets we’ve worn under the £150 mark.

Le Feu bioethanol fireplace

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Although it’s hard to deny the charm of a log burner, it looks like their days are numbered as the government looks set to ban the most polluting fuels used in them to curb emissions.

There is a greener alternative – a biofuel burner. These fireplaces from Danish company Le Feu burn bioethanol, an alcohol produced from biomass like plant waste or straw. This burns cleanly, while providing enough heat to warm a room of 20m2, the company claims.

You don’t need a chimney to install one, although Le Feu recommends cracking a door open to maintain airflow. Unlike your old log burner, you can move this eco-burner around and get it to face you or take it outside. We trust our readers are smart enough not to do that while the fire’s on!

Syng Cell Alpha speaker

It’s rare to find something totally new in home audio, so this spherical speaker has definitely caught our attention. Syng is founded by a former Apple designer, who says that this is the world’s first ‘triphonic’ speaker, which means it uses three speakers to build sound that fills your room in a more ‘accurate’ way.

This doesn’t sound totally barmy, but we’ll have to wait to hear one in the flesh before we give our verdict. If you’ve got the spare cash lying around, the company actually suggests you buy three of the speakers for the optimum setup.

Biolite FirePit+

We love bonfires (and barbecues!) but it does get tiresome having to dance around the fire all evening to dodge the eye-watering smoke. The FirePit+ eliminates smoke by making your fire hotter. Battery-powered fans at the bottom of the fire basket stoke the flames from beneath, while the mesh sides let plenty of air in.

The improved airflow means the flame burns hotter and more efficiently, therefore producing less smoke. Plus, you can put some charcoal in and rest a grill on the top. The fans last between 7 and 30 hours depending on how high they’re turned up, and the battery can be recharged via USB.

So grab these fun tech gadgets soon!

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