Amazing Home Protection Gadgets

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A home security device can add a lot of value to your life. These devices include gadgets such as smart door locks, remote cameras, etc. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing devices.

1.Moon By Ring

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This is a security camera that keeps on rotating 360° in the air on top of its base and this base also serves as the charging pad for this camera. This camera sends an alert on your phone whenever it detects some suspicious activity in your house. It doesn’t just detect visuals, but sound as well. You can adjust and move it in the direction of your choice using a mobile application. 

2.Fibaro Flood Sensor

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Water leakage can cause some damage to things at your house. Fibaro flood sensor sends you an alert notification if it detects water leakage at your home. It can also blink some connected light in case of leakage. It also has an inbuilt temperature sensor in it. It is capable of sending both visuals and voice as alert notifications.

3.ZKTeco AL40B Smart Lock

 This is a biometric smart lock that can be locked or unlocked using fingerprints, passwords, app, or NFC. The app for this keylock is available on both android and apple app stores. The app sends commands to this lock system using Bluetooth.

There’s a timezone feature on this lock that allows you to grant a limited-time access to people for entry and exit.


Safera is fire safety equipment that alerts you in case of a fire breakout. With its smart sensors, it can eliminate the risk of cooking fire that is the biggest reason that causes fire in homes. Set this device above the stovetop so it can easily collect temperate and other data through its multi-sensor radio system. It has a built-in AI system that monitors user behaviors and can alert you if it notices something unusual in your kitchen.

5.Noir Security Camera And USB Charger

This is a USB charger that has an inbuilt camera in it. Thieves can easily recognize CCTV cameras in your house, this is why this camera is better than an ordinary security cam as it stays hidden. This camera is capable of streaming live video at 1080p quality. It has motion detection features and provides crystal-clear audio quality as well. This camera has a 75° viewing angle.

6.Spyfinder Pro Hidden Camera Detector

This camera detector can help you secure your privacy from hidden cameras. Sometimes people secretly install cameras in other people’s houses and later blackmail them using their videos. This tool can save you from those situations. It has a circle of 6 bright LEDs with a hole between the circle of LEDs. If you’re gonna look through the hole and there’s a hidden camera in your view, that camera’s lens is gonna flash with bright light in this camera detector’s view.


All of these gadgets are useful and unique. Every single one of them can help you make your house safe and secure in different ways. You can install all these devices in different parts of your house and you can go out without worrying about the safety and security of your loved ones.

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