AB5 JetQuad – World’s First Jet-Powered VTOL Drone

AB5 JetQuad – World’s First Jet-Powered VTOL Drone

The most awaited “AB5 JetQuad” is finally released by the developers. Moreover, it is the world’s first-ever jet-powered drone. In other words, it has replaced the traditional four propellers and electric motors. The new drone has diesel-powered jet engines that produce around 200-210 horsepower at full throttle.

AB5 JetQuad – World’s First Jet-Powered VTOL Drone
AB5 JetQuad – World’s First Jet-Powered VTOL Drone

Moreover, it uses the H-Configuration system, also known as proprietary vectoring, to direct thrust the engines. Apart from this, it has a top speed of 300 mph along with a five-gallon fuel tank. Besides this, it is suitable for fifteen minutes of flight and thirty minutes of hovering.

The payload of the drone can carry a total of forty pounds of weight. Apart from this, the product model would cost around $250,000. However, it is said to available in 2021.

AB5 JetQuad – Other Details

The drone has an adjustable camera with 110-degree FOV. Moreover, the lens gives a clear view of recording beautiful moments. Furthermore, it has a 5G transmission that ensures high-quality and fast FPV real-time video. In addition to it, the drone has GPS assisted flight that lets it hover stably. When the battery gets low, it will return to the home as well.

Twenty-two Minutes Flight

It has a 280mAh intelligent battery that can yields twenty minutes maximum flight time. Along with this, it has a low-power alert. Moreover, the brushless motor is potent and quite. Furthermore, it is maintenance-free and extremely efficient.

AB5 JetQuad – Simple Control

Most of the people struggle with the control function of the drone. However, this one has the most straightforward control panels. You need to press one key to launch the drone. Moreover, it has quick-release propellers and ensures stable flight as well. It offers easy direction control and lets you take more complex shots. Besides this, the wifi frequency is 5ghz, and it is effortless to operate.

Jet-Powered VTOL Drone – Features

The drone has some exciting features that you have never seen before. In general, it has all the features a drone has, but there is a surprise as well.

Dual Cameras And Optical Flow Positioning

It has a 720P bottom camera with a 1080p HD front camera. Moreover, it is easy to switch the real-time view to capture beautiful moments. Furthermore, it has an efficient orientation sensor that ensures a steadier flight. Apart from this, it is user-friendly and simplifies the control as well.

AB5 JetQuad – World’s First Jet-Powered VTOL Drone
AB5 JetQuad – World’s First Jet-Powered VTOL Drone

AB5 JetQuad – Gesture And App Control

The gesture feature allows for taking photos automatically. Therefore, one can get high-definition figures that will be vivid as well. Apart from this, you can control the drone with the help of a smartphone. In this way, you don’t have to carry an extra remote. Furthermore, it makes outdoor flight convenient.

Modular Battery

 The drone can fly up to fourteen to sixteen minutes, and thus its battery lasts long. Therefore, it can extend the flight experience.


  The context of “AB5 JetQuad” helps you to know about the brand new drone. Therefore, read other details and understand its features very well. Moreover, the drone has raised the bars, and it is the best one so far.

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