A List Of Funny Electronic Gadgets That May Be Weird But Also Useful

Funny Electronic Gadgets

All inventions somehow seem to be funny in the beginning. Every scientist has at some point or the other been laughed upon because of his ‘funny thoughts’ and ‘crazy ideas’. While some of these inventions turned out to be really useful and life changing, some others were just… well, funny. So, in this article, we have summed up our top picks of funny electronic gadgets. Yes, they may be funny but they are also surely very useful. What are these gadgets that we are talking about? Let us find out.

A Calculator Watch

A circuit board

Oh! This is really the most nerdy gadget that one could ever buy! A watch that is also a calculator? Yes, it is absolutely true. While you may zone it out saying that it is only for all those nerds out there who have their nose stuck deep into those arithmetic books, but just think, how useful could it be to you! We all need to do calculations at some point in the day. Be it calculating how much change we’ll get back from the driver or maybe even how much money we spent all through the day. But when you have this, you will not have to reach out to your phones to calculate every small thing. Thus, if you look into it properly, this might even be a pretty cool and useful gadget!

MoodMetric – The Mood Teller

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Wait, what? A ring that tells you about your mood – that is the first thing that people take away when you tell them about this. Well, we obviously know what mood we are in, so what is the use of this ring? This ring does a lot more than telling you what mood you are in! That’s right! It can also help you manage those emotions too. Although the company claims that they also have an app which clearly shows what mood the person is in, it is still unsure as to why a person would require somebody else telling them about their current mood.

Oakley Thump MP3 Sunglasses

As is evident from the name, this pair of sunglasses also lets you hear music while you are wearing it. While many people laughed at it, we think it was quite a nice invention. If you notice properly, you will see that most of the time, when you are wearing sunglasses you also have loud music blaring out from your headphones. So why not go for something that can do both? This brand also claims that they were the first to bring in the ‘wireless trend.’ In present times, the audio company BOSE, has taken this a notch higher with their BOSE Frames which serves the same purpose, just in a way more stylish manner.

Wrapping Up

While there are lots more to add to the list, these three surely have to be the top picks among all. Did you find them to be funny yet useful too? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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