6 Cheap DIY Tech Gadgets Ideas You Did Not You Could Make So Easily

diy tech gadgets

Are you a big fan of DIY ideas? Many of you may only have tried out a few art craft ideas once or twice. Did you know in addition to wall art and home decor items, you can make some of the coolest DIY tech gadgets and functional creations yourself?

We are here for the rescue. Fortunately, some of these DIY blogger and YouTuber inventors have shared not only their creations with us but also step by step tutorials so you can make these DIY tech gadgets yourself. So we’ve been scouring the top DIY sites for the best DIY tech gadgets and bring you the following list.

DIY Tech Gadgets For Daily Use

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Tin Can Wifi Antenna

If you have a weak wireless signal, boost it with this DIY tech gadget. You can easily make this DIY Wifi Antenna from a tin can with just 5 dollars. Follow the easy tutorial from Shtfpreparedness.

Homemade Ac Unit

This DIY tech gadget will save you a lot of money and help beat the heat from a medium-size room. You can easily prepare this homemade AC unit for just under $25 and very quickly. Follow lady lee home blog.

Pet Feeder

With these DIY tech gadgets, you don’t have to worry about your cat or dog going hungry while you’re away from home. You can monitor the on-demand feeding system through photos uploaded to Dropbox from wherever you are. Croq’s set up with a kit from littleBits is an excellent setup for this DIY tech gadget.

Super Cool Diy Tech Gadgets

Smartphone Projector

Many smartphone companies have tried and failed to make smartphones with projector features on them. The idea behind this DIY tech is to use a magnifying lens to make the image coming from your phone larger. You need some cardboard, some dowels, and a mirror, as well as your lens and your smartphone; follow the Youtube tutorial of DIY perks video.

Password-Protected Door Lock

It is based on an Arduino board and has an advanced process. You will need access to a 3D printer for a start. Getting gadgets altogether is not challenging.

You can only rely on this DIY tech gadget for the front door’s security, but a fun option for the study room and basement.

Mason Jar Speakers

It is one of the most peculiar and cheapest DIY tech gadgets. It is a great decorative piece for your desk too. All you need are two jars, the speaker parts from your favorite radio store, and the ability to use some DIY tools. The DIY tech gadget project from Sarah Pease is a creative one.


Of course, you can get a new gadget that is reliable in operation, powerful and smart with just a click. There has to be some adventure too. We’re living in a diamond age of gadget-making, as these DIY tech gadgets let you experience it uniquely. Save yourself some bucks and learn more about the nitty-gritty of electronics by making one or more of these DIY tech gadgets yourself.

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