5 USB Gadgets That You Didn’t Know About

One thing that we all usually do that we use our laptop and computer’s USB port for printer or pen drives. But there are so many cool and smart USB gadgets for your laptops and computers. And in case you are looking such cool USB gadgets then you are on the right page. 

Five Cool USB Gadgets That You Must Try

Various gadgets can make your work fun and easy. We have selected some of the coolest USB gadgets that you will love to have. And it’s time to add some cool USB gadgets to your annoying USB ports. Few of our listed USB gadgets are not only for fun, but it can also transform your work area.

Five Cool USB Gadgets

Pentode Handmade USB Extension

This Pentode Handmade USB extension is a cool gadget. It’s perfect for those people who always get annoyed by data transfer indicators. This Pentode Handmade USB extension will light up whenever you plug it in your USB port. It makes your data transfer much interesting with the Latvian styled wood carved gadget. It comes with a braided cable, which enhances its feel and durability.

Westminster USB Vacuum: USB Gadgets

This USB gadget is not that gadget you will love to buy. But you have to admit it that it is a very interesting gadget to have. It’s the Westminster USB vacuum cleaner. This cool gadget its has compressed-air dusters to clean your system. For you are a person who always had to clean your laptop or computer’s keyboard because you had dust and crumbs in them. Then you must try this USB gadget. It has a great powerful vacuum motor, so now you do not need to worry about the crumbs.

USB Gadgets Coffee Warmer

Five Cool USB Gadgets That You Must Try

This USB gadget is an exciting product. If you are a fan of coffee drink, and you can resist without it, then you must have this gadget. It’s the USB coffee warmer and can be an excellent gadget for you. It can keep your drink at 104 degrees. Its features a three-foot cable, and it weighs around 0.28 pound only. Not only coffee, but you can also keep any of your drink.

Soondar Flexible Astronaut LED Light

In case you are a fan of cool laptop accessories, then you must know about this Soondar flexible astronaut LED light. It’s a cool looking USB astronaut LED light, so you do not need to be in the dark while working. It will directly send light to your keyboard. It will be a perfect UBS gadget if you are a writer or you like to work in dim light.

USB Thermoelectric Warmer And Cooler

Five Cool USB Gadgets That You Must Try

This USB Thermoelectric is the most loved gadget in this whole USB gadgets list. The USB coolers are old now we have a USB thermoelectric cooler and warmer. Its a both cold and warm in one USB gadget. We all like drinks depending upon weather what we will like hot or cold.  This high-tech USB thermoelectric can keep your drinks cool at 46 degrees and at the same time if you want it hot then it can hot as 149 degrees. It also has a LED indicator to show your drink is hot or cold.

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