5 Latest Tech Gadgets In 2020

latest tech gadgets

It is quite challenging to keep up with technology. Innovations seem to be keeping up with time. Thus, it is very easy to find that you have lost track of the latest tech gadgets in the market. This is why I recommend regular checks on the latest technological advancement or your knowledge might become obsolete.

To my fellow gadget geeks, it is time to have some fun! These latest tech gadgets will fill you with wonder. Better still, you will have something new to talk about with your friends. Some of these gadgets will completely be part of our lives because they are so awesome. 

Smart Tables

Did anyone foresee a future with intelligent furniture? Yes, of course. That is why we have these amazing tech gadgets. Smart tables have completely changed the furniture game. Smart tables come with fantastic features such as height adjustment, in-built speakers, wireless charging, multi-touch displays, and so on.

These smart gadgets are among the latest tech gadgets in the market right now. They have wireless connectivity and can bring the entire world at your fingertips. Advanced models come with hefty price tags but guess what? You can get yourself one of the basic ones at an affordable price.

Smart Mugs

Smart Latest Tech Gadgets
Smart Latest Gadgets

If you are a coffee lover and tired of the endless trips you make to the microwave to reheat your cup of coffee, then these mugs are for you. These mugs come with temperature control. You will not have to worry about your coffee getting cold as you work or study.

These mugs are connected devices, they come with apps that help you control them. They even let you set the exact temperature of your beverage. They intelligently sense when to turn on and off and they have long-lasting battery life. You can always enjoy a cup of steaming coffee with one of these latest tech gadgets.

Self-Cleaning Water Bottles

Unknown to many, water bottles are like oases for bacteria. These bacteria come from surfaces, our hands, and mouth. Self-cleaning water bottles use ultra-violet light to kill these bacteria and ensure the water you drink is safe. They are so efficient that they kill 99.99% of germs.

These bottles are very handy when you are on outdoor activities such as camping, and you cannot clean your bottle properly. The cap of these tech gadgets holds the water purification system of the bottle. They are light and have a sleek design. Thus, they can fit in your cupholders and gym bags, so no cause for worry.

Smart Masks

2020 has had its fair share of problems but in every problem, there is an opportunity for innovation. The COVID-19 pandemic has made face masks a daily essential. Smart masks are a high-tech upgrade of the standard masks. They come with features such as language translation, voice amplification, self sanitization, transparent cover, and so on.

Some of these masks are not designed to protect against viruses and are designed to be worn over standard face masks, though they have these features. These can be easily categorized as the latest tech gadgets of 2020 because their advancement is related to the Corona pandemic.

Smart latest tech gadgets
Latest Tech Gadgets

Smart Notepads

Smart notebooks have not been in the market for so long. Smart notebooks are of high quality and easy to use. They come with apps that help you connect them to other devices like your phone.

You can use these latest tech gadgets to write and draw anything. Once it is full you can scan and upload the notes on cloud and then erase the notebook. They are reusable up to five times.


As times change, so do technology and innovations. It might be challenging to keep track of new technological developments. These latest tech gadgets are a mere drop in the ocean but are at the top of the list when it comes to the latest and trending tech gadgets. 

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