3 in 1 Multi-functional Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robot vacuum cleaner

If you are living in a house which has f of glass window then you definitely need to clean it. And it’s the toughest job to do and become the least favorite job. But with this robot vacuum cleaner, everything will be changed. With this window cleaning robot, cleaning the windows can be really very easy. This window cleaning robot can clean your window automatically. This robot will allow you to save a lot of time for yourself. Window cleaner is perfect for both home and office. You will definitely be amazed by watching this robot cleaning your window automatically.

Window Cleaning Robot

The best thing about this window cleaning robot is that it gets attached to the window automatically with its advance vacuum motor. This window cleaning robot has a backup power system so it stays attached to the windows for around 30 minutes.

This cleaning robot has safety rope which you can put on the other end If in case you forgot to remove it on time. As soon as this cleaning robot gets attached to the window, it can be able to detect the obstacle and frame then will clean in a pattern for optimal efficiency.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The default operation mood of the cleaning robot is up n down, left and down then right and down. The great thing about this Window Cleaner is it comes with a remote controller so you can control it from a distance. As it comes with a remote controller you can control its move from the far away according to yourself. You can even control its pattern of cleaning. You can also control this cleaning robot with your phone or tablet by Bluetooth function.

With this window cleaner, you can clean the windows very easily and efficiently. You should use this cleaner on the window which has a border frame for nice and efficient results. It is chargeable and gets fully charged in just one hour. The cleaning speed of this robot is 4min/sqm. If you are tired of cleaning your Windows daily then you should definitely buy this window cleaning robot. As it can program and calculate the optimal cleaning paths so you can be sure that the window cleaner will clean efficiently.

Portable Timing Pill Intelligent Reminder Storage

This portable timing pill intelligent reminder storage is perfect for the people who take a lot of medicine and sometimes forget to take it. If every time you forget to take your pill then you should use this pill intelligent reminder so that it will remind you when you have to take the pill.

This pill intelligent reminder storage is really portable so you can take it anywhere with yourself without any trouble. You should definitely give this pill intelligent reminder storage to the one you care for. This portable timing pill intelligent reminder storage is perfect for traveling. As it is transparent and clean you can check how many medicines are inside the storage.

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